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Utah Stream Access Coalition

The Mission of the Utah Stream Access Coalition is to promote and assist in all aspects of securing and maintaining public access to, and use of, Utah’s public waters and streambeds.



The Goals of the Coalition are:

1)    To restore and enforce the right of the public to access public waters as recognized and protected by the Utah Constitution, the Public Trust doctrine, and long-standing Utah Supreme Court jurisprudence; and

2)    To seek recognition of the public ownership of the beds of navigable waterways in the State of Utah.


We seek to accomplish these goals though legal, political and negotiated means.

Please Note

All proceeds from the sale of any items from this page go to Utah Stream Access Coalition to support the mission of the organization. These items are GIFTS, to thank you for your donation. There is a limited quantity of the prints and rod/reel. USAC is a 501(c)4 and donations are not tax deductible.